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I made an order today, when will it ship?

In most cases, orders made during one business day are sent within 5 business days or if there is a national holiday in Poland and there are no postal and commercial services – then there may be a delay of up to 5 business days from the moment the order is placed until it is shipped.

In very rare cases, if there is or is expected to be a delay in issuing the package for delivery – you will receive an email from us with a message about it and also a special gift or discount coupon where you can use your next order on the site. But you can be calm, it’s completely rare.

Do I have to open an account on the site to order?

No. You can use the booking option as a guest on the login page and make a purchase without registering on the site. The details entered on the checkout page are used to send the invoice and package. After completing the purchase as a guest, you can at any time register on the site and create an account based on the details entered in the order.

At the same time we highly recommend subscribing to the site. Registering on the site before placing an order will allow you, among other things: to track the status of the order processing from your profile page on the site, enjoy accumulating points, enjoy special promotions and exclusive discounts for registered customers, save you time and need to enter your details and shipping address. View your previous orders and re-order, literally “duplicate” your previous order. In short – it is very worthwhile to register!

What does the status of the order mean?

In order to allow you to monitor the status of the processing of your order at any given moment, the store staff is obliged to ensure that the order status on the website is updated and reflects its condition. These are the statuses you should know:

Received but not yet paid Open Awaiting Payment – This is a temporary status that is active from the moment you go to the checkout on the site until you receive the payment confirmation from PayPal or STRIPE (if you paid by credit card)

Received and paid PAID – this is the immediate and first status of an order after payment for it has been received and before the store staff has started handling it.

Invoiced Invoice – This is the status after the site staff has started processing your order. The first step is the issuance of a tax invoice and after that the order is delivered to the packing and preparation team for shipment.

In handling and preparation for delivery IN PROCESS – this is the stage where we collect the products for you, pack them well so that they will not be damaged during delivery, prepare the necessary documents for the mail, such as issuing a tracking number.

READY TO SHIP – This status means that your package is packaged and is making its way to the Gdańsk Post Office for delivery to Israel. Already at this stage, if you enter your order on the website, you will see the tracking number that will take effect in the next status.

SHIPPED – as its name implies – the meaning of this status is that your package has been deposited for delivery by mail and is making its way to Israel. At this stage it is possible to track the progress of the shipment on the Poland Post website (this is the link) and upon its receipt by the Israel Post it is possible to continue tracking it via the Israel Post website (this is the link)

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