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If you are a fan of the Star Wars ™ series, this set is for you. LEGO® Art 31200 Star Wars ™ – Sith ™ is a set that will help you create an image of an iconic character. Take a well-deserved break from your duties and build a unique decoration that will decorate your home or office.

Creative Structural Design Express your fascination with the Sith Lords – Darth Maul ™, Kylo Ren ™ and Darth Vader ™ – with this 3-in-1 Portrait Set. If you’re looking for a bigger challenge, buy three sets and combine them into one stunning Darth Vader painting. While building, you can listen to the included soundtrack and learn about the set’s curiosities and stories. Finish the finished model with a plate with the word “Star Wars” and then hang it on the wall or put it on a shelf.

Engage your hands and your imagination You don’t need a talent for painters or a lot of LEGO models in your collection to build this portrait set. The finished model will be a beautiful decoration that you can be proud of. This LEGO set is part of a collection of fun building toys for adults with an interest in pop culture, art, design and architecture. These kits are perfect gifts for builders like you.

Let yourself be immersed in this artistic LEGO® Art 31200 Star Wars ™ – Sith ™ set for adults, which can be built in 3 ways. Create a portrait of one of the iconic Sith lords from the Star Wars saga and hang it on a wall or put it on a shelf.
Discover your ‘dark side’ of creativity with the 3,395-piece LEGO® set that includes nine decorative tiles, a unique Star Wars tile, a LEGO brick frame, a unique hanging item and a component separator.
Transform amazing Sith Lords and relax by building a unique LEGO® portrait. Thanks to the included soundtrack, you can get to know the set better and listen to stories and interviews about the Star Wars universe.
Build this unique LEGO® set and marvel at the iconic Sith Lords. If you want to take on a really creative challenge, buy three sets and combine them into one model to create the greatest portrait of Darth Vader ™ that will decorate your home or office.
This LEGO® Art 3 in 1 set measures approx. 40 cm square. The model is extremely detailed, so when hung on a wall or put on a shelf, it will stand out from the rest. Also perfect as a gift for creative designers like you who like the Star Wars ™ series.
The product does not require batteries. This artsy set for adults includes LEGO® bricks and a fun soundtrack to make building a model fun. Get away from your daily routine and have fun building an amazing creative ornament.
Also included are high-quality instructions so you can familiarize yourself with the design and learn more about Darth Vader ™ before you start building. Additionally, you can listen to a soundtrack made especially for this LEGO® set while building.
The LEGO® Art models of the iconic Sith Lords are perfect decorations for walls or shelves, plus fun to build and a passion for creative craftsmanship.
LEGO® building pieces meet the highest quality standards, so they always look consistent, consistent and easy to use every time – and it’s been that way since 1958.
LEGO® pieces are tested to make sure every LEGO Art building set meets the strict safety requirements. This makes the Star Wars ™ – Sith ™ decorative model both durable and beautiful.
The LEGO Art – Star Wars – Sith set will be available in 2020



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