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The LEGO® set with Monkie Kid ™ (80014) will allow little heroes to experience imaginary rescue missions, in which they will surely need Sandy’s motorboat, Spider Queen mech and the Silk Cobweb Cave. The models come with loads of cool details, such as the speedboat’s rapid shooter on the speedboat, the cat compartment and the spider’s web cave trap, so this set makes a great gift material. It includes 3 minifigures, plus Sandy, Mo the cat and a spider figures, and assorted weapons including Sandy’s Crescent Staff and Spider Queen’s Staff. It’s a complete set of equipment for playing out imaginary battles!

Digital instructions This collectible LEGO set includes illustrated instructions and the free LEGO Building Instructions app with intuitive Instructions PLUS that allows you to pan and zoom the model to make building fun.

Build, play, discover LEGO Monkie Kid are sets embedded in the culture and values ​​of China, which in an interesting way refer to the story of the Monkey King from the book “Journey to the West”. Knowing the character and story will encourage children to come up with their own story-telling stories, helping them develop creativity, courage and resilience.

With the LEGO® Monkie Kid ™ (80014) set with Sandy’s sensational motorboat, mech and Spider Queen Silk Cave, children will play as Monkie Kid and Sandy and set off on dangerous rescue missions.
Includes Monkie Kid, Spider Queen and Pigsy minifigures, Sandy, Mo the cat and three spiders figures, plus simulated battle-play weapons – Sandy’s Crescent Great Crescent and Monkie Kid’s Golden Staff.
In the box, children will find many inspiring elements, such as a six-stud rapid shooter mounted on a motorboat, a spinning screw, a cat or ammunition compartment and a spider web trap into which Pigsy falls. On the back of the mech there is a compartment for three spiders.
The 394-piece set will make an interesting birthday and Christmas present for children aged 8 and over. It will provide them with an addictive construction challenge and many hours of exciting fun solo or in the company of friends. [Note: the boat does not float.]
The LEGO® motorboat measures over 1 ” (13.5cm) high, 6 ” (22.8cm) long and 14.5cm (1 ”) wide, and makes a great colorful adornment for a child’s bedroom between adventures.
The set does not require batteries and will stimulate children’s imaginations, encouraging them to think creatively and discover the heroic side of their own nature – all with fun and role-play of imaginative, exciting stories.
Instructions PLUS, available in the free LEGO® Building Instructions app, will give kids even more creative fun by displaying, rotating and zooming in on digital visualizations of their models.
Collectible LEGO® toys with Monkie Kid ™ follow the story of the Monkey King in Chinese mythology. By building and playing, they help children develop creativity, courage and resilience.
Connecting and separating LEGO® bricks does not require the power of Monkie Kid from little builders! Since 1958, LEGO bricks have always met the highest industry standards, which ensures that they will remain consistent and well-built.
LEGO® bricks and pieces are dropped, heated, squashed, twisted and lots more tested. This ensures that each LEGO set meets the highest global safety and quality standards.
The LEGO Monkie Kid set – Sandy’s Motorboat will be available in 2020



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